Autumn on Kordonia

Humanity has spread throughout the stars, remaking planets and moons in their image, but underneath the veneer of splendour is a civilisation in slow decay. Other powers of the galaxy are rising while humanity grows ever more fractured. The genetically sequenced humans of Earth see little in common with their non-sequenced brethren that populate the outer colonies. Against the fault line of organic human relations, the presence of synthetic intelligence in humanoid form poses the vexed question of what it means to be truly human.

On the backdrop of cultural, economic and political stagnation the emergence of a new violent alien race, anathema to the reason of all sentient life, threatens to bring total destruction to the galaxy.

Amid such turmoil, Joanne Vartus and her comrades in the Interstellar Naval Forces must embrace their destiny or all hope of survival will be lost.

The Novella, Autumn on Kordonia, finds a galaxy in flux with the oldest questions of existence posed once more in the face of hyper modern change. The first of a four part epic: The Four Seasons Saga will transport you to a world of S Humans and O Humans, of Ploughmen and Water Carriers, of foamspace and interstellar politics, and the ultimate threat to it all...the Demoskhizein.

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