Fangfix Instructions

Use about 30-40 Fangfix pellets per fang and immerse into a cup of very hot water until they go clear.
It is important to include the fang, as this needs to be at the same temperature as the melted pellets.


Fangfix Fang Fixing

Quickly put a blob of melted Fangfix onto the rear and into the cavity of the fang and form a wedge to
go over your pre-molars. Hold the fang still with one finger, maintain pressure, whilst moulding the
plastic around your pre-molars and up over gumline. Clench a couple of times to ensure a good bite.
Leave for 2-3 minutes, and then remove by using your nail against the top ridge of the newly formed

plastic(not the fang, as this could become detatched from the plastic) and tug down gently.

Fangfix with Faux Fang

Your denture is now ready for colouring and should look similar to this.

It may require a few attempts to get the perfect result, so we have included sufficient Fangfix pellets
to carry this out many times. You can also reuse the material by re-immersing your denture in hot water.


Fangfix Advice


Fang Gloss


Faux Fangs Close-Up


Acrylic Dental Paint

Our unique dental acrylic-free paint can be applied one coat at a time

to produce the perfect colour match for your teeth!

Faux Fangs 'Fang Gloss' is safe and contains no acrylic,

no volatile organic compounds and is tastless when dry.


Fake Fangs Tutorial


Faux Fangs are among the finest false fangs in the world.

Our teeth are made from high-grade, high-density dental plastic

and have been polished to produced a smooth tooth like finish!

Faux Fangs Bat


Double Uppers Vampire Fangs